FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I really need a landscape design?
I would rather put that money towards the cost of my landscaping.

Pre-landscape planning can help foresee and solve potential design and construction problems ahead of time. Designs are especially critical when a project is to be done in stages. It is very important to know that the individual pieces of the landscape puzzle will fit together to give you the desired finished product. We believe a design is a must, and will help you save money in the long run.

How much should I spend on landscaping?

I have heard many professionals state that a good rule of thumb is to budget 10% of a new home purchase price towards landscaping. First of all we believe everyone puts a different value on landscaping. For some people it is a large part of their lifestyle, for others they would be happy with an entire concrete yard. If I had my say, I would advise my clients to talk to a landscape designer before they purchase their new home. Especially if they had a yard with an extreme slope as many new homes do today. Give the designer a wish list so they can give you an approx budget amount. Many times it is wise to add your landscape budget to your mortgage so you don't come up short when it comes time to tackle difficult landscape problems. One of the biggest unplanned for problems can be that if the landscaping isn't done soon after the home is built, there may not be any access for heavy equipment after the landscaping is completed on the adjoining lots.

Will I get the money I spend back when I go to sell my house?

We recommend to our clients that they should spend an amount on their landscaping that they are comfortable with and not necessarily think of it as an investment. We have seen that poor quality landscaping can devalue a home if it has to be redone properly by the new owners. We believe that if you can't get back what you spend dollar for dollar, high quality landscaping will help you get your asking price.

When is the best time to landscape?
Can we plant in the summer or only in the spring and fall?

Landscaping can begin in the spring as soon as the frost is out of the ground. Nursery plants are generally potted up bare root or container grown in the field. Larger, caliper trees or pre-dug in the spring and kept covered with sawdust and watered daily so they can be planted throughout the year. It is definitely unadvisable to try and transplant deciduous trees or shrubs once they have leaved out as their chance of survival is very low. If you have no choice but to try and transplant a leaved tree in the summer, try and do it on a cool rainy day. Landscaping can be done right up until freeze up in the fall.

How do I know whom to hire, there are so many landscapers in the phone book?

Referrals are generally the best way. Or if you see a yard that has been recently done that you like, ask the homeowner who did their garden. Once you meet with the perspective designer look at their portfolios or go look at several projects they have done. It is also wise to get a list of referrals. We usually like to give a list of ten references so our clients can pick who they call at random. Not every project goes perfectly every time. it is important to see how your contractor has responded to problems or difficulties on past projects.

Can we hire one person to design our garden and another company to build it?


We recommend that the same firm who designs your garden should build it. That way you can be assured they will keep the original design style, intent, and quality. There will be no confusion over the designer's original vision for your garden.