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Design Studio

We start all our landscape jobs with a design. It is the plan that is the vision and driving force behind everything we do. Having a landscape design gives our clients a clear picture of what to expect and allows us to solve the clients landscaping quandaries without actually changing anything. We create residential, commercial and acreage landscape designs to suit any budget and wish list.


What is required of our clients?

1. A lot plan or legal survey of your yard.
2. A wish list. If you could have anything or solve any problem,

    what would it be?
3. An approximate amount you would like to spend on the landscaping.            (Budget)

What is the best time to get your design done?

Ideally the best time to get your landscape design done is in the winter or early spring. This would allow you to beat the design rush that usually happens around April 1st. It would allow you to plan ahead of time and have first choice of when you would like to get your landscaping done.

When preparing to get your landscape design done in the winter please take pictures before the ground is covered in snow so we could see what we are working with.


What is the cost of a design?

Walley- McMeekin design 2018.jpg

- Our Front OR Back Yard designs start at $600
- Our Front and Back Yard designs start at $900
- Our Acreage designs start at $1400

Depending on the size and complexity of the design the cost may go up or down accordingly. Some examples of things that could cause the cost of the design to go up are a yard that is much larger than the normal city lot, extreme slopes, or long site travel distances.

What does a landscape design include?

When we do a landscape design for a client they can expect to receive the following:

- a colored rendering of the landscape design
- a detailed coded plant list
- a black and white copy of the landscape design
- a detailed cost break down of all the components of the design

First Step

Fill out the information below to get started.

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